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AR Innovation

First worldwide to use augmented reality for aircraft engineering

Augmented reality (A/R) is a core component of AIRHAWKE’s vision to streamline aircraft conversions and completions. We see a future that eliminates 2D drawings and detailed work instructions. Instead, our design and engineering plans will be overlayed in the aircraft; virtual parts will be seen, studied, and defined in their intended location before being fabricated or installed. Simple. Intuitive.

The future we envision has installation technicians donning a Microsoft Hololens A/R headset instead of pouring through pages of 2D views and cross-sections.

A/R technology will not only make innovative and tailored plans easier to understand, they will also make it easier to spot mistakes. This will ensure a perfect engineering result every time.

The future of engineering in aircraft conversions and completions is coming… and we’re leading the way.


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